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In 2002 I registered in hopes of making a name for the freelance work I was doing at the time. The name is a combination of Spottsfield and Butterfield, names of places that changed my life for the better. My goal of the site was to advertise work I was doing as well as […]


iSlate will be 10 inches It will have a 80 gig flash drive iSight camera Widgets much like Dashboard will support all iPhone apps in iphone mode (right side of iSlate) will have a dock that will work like a media stand will contain the Apple TV software … controlled by the iPhone … and […]


Tommorrow I will be doing something I have really never done. Gone to a web 2.0. conference. I spend alot of time researching the latest and greatest in this ever changing field and have yet to venture that research outside of my comfort zone. aka Office. BarCamp Memphis hopes to cure me of this shortfall […]


It was 2001 and I just been fired from my position at AV Grafx. A friend of mine wanted to cheer me up and asked what would. I replied, “let’s make a film.” Three months later, “Meet Bubba” premiered at U of M’s FOCUSfest 01′. Eight years later, I am standing in front of two […]

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