Hello, I'm Lou & I'm a Social Web addict


Tommorrow I will be doing something I have really never done. Gone to a web 2.0. conference. I spend alot of time researching the latest and greatest in this ever changing field and have yet to venture that research outside of my comfort zone. aka Office.

BarCamp Memphis hopes to cure me of this shortfall tommorrow morning by not only introducing me to the other social web folks here in Memphis, but maybe learn a new trick or two I can add to my arsenal. Anyone who knows me knows I really don’t like being put in a place where I don’t know anyone, but sometimes you just got to get out of your element to succeed. One small step for my social media knowlege, one big leap for me.

I am looking forward to it and posting my findings here. Should be interesting to say the least.

To get more info and join me … BarCampMemphis.com. Maybe I will see ya there!

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