Leaving Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare ...

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Today it was announced to the marketing team that I am leaving Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare and moving on to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. (more on this later)

I have a simple goal in life to wake up each morning knowing the day before I helped someone. As cheesy as that sounds, it is what drives me and I really feel that together the web services team really made things easier for patients of Methodist. Over the last 2 1/2 years I’ve lost over 100 pounds, gained vast knowledge of responsive design, and made life long friendships, but knowing I helped a patient do something faster is why I get out of bed.  I have throughly enjoyed working for MLH and I look forward to my next chapter but before I do, I thought I would share some of the projects I am most proud of …



I believe this was the first hospital to get Mobile Responsive Design. Working directly with the Marketing team, we were able to come up with a design that looks great on any device especially your phone.


The Web services team had the task of bringing one of the largest network of hospitals into the modern era of online bill pay and patient portals. Working with several teams and trying to keep the design as simple for the patient as possible, we accomplished our goals and then some. In it’s first year, Online Bill Pay revenue exceeded $750,000.


The task was large. Completely Redesign the website from top to bottom using the new painted styles from the agency and do it within a month’s time. At the time the site at 800+ pages that used 40+ different templates. In the end, the design was unique and I feel made sense to the hospital system. Little items like the location list and the Services List mega menu were small things I put in that I hope helped a patient get to what they needed quickly.

Google Maps

Working directly with Google so Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown could be the first hospital in the region to get indoor mapping was AWESOME. This is something I hope saves someone that extra minute when they are looking for their loved ones. It’s a small quirky thing now, but I soon hope will be a useful tool in the future.



Video speaks volumes to the quality of your organization. By creating a vendor list and translating the print guidelines for video, I hope to bring a new level of quality to Methodist video production and create some compelling videos that tell the story of the hospital system. Below are a couple of examples.