My Prediction :: Jobs will give us something cool

  • iSlate will be 10 inches
  • It will have a 80 gig flash drive
  • iSight camera
  • Widgets much like Dashboard
  • will support all iPhone apps in iphone mode (right side of iSlate)
  • will have a dock that will work like a media stand
  • will contain the Apple TV software … controlled by the iPhone

… and will blow everything away.

Let me preface and say that is only a prediction and this picture is only what I dreamt of last night. Apple has once again done the impossible and lowered the expectations at CES without even being there. The iSlate will once again change everything and will eventually bring world peace because Obama will embargo it for trade negotiations.

Seriously though, this could be the coolest thing that I stand in line for this year.

Feel free to distribute and make the Apple fans drool…

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