Spottsfield v5


In 2002 I registered in hopes of making a name for the freelance work I was doing at the time. The name is a combination of Spottsfield and Butterfield, names of places that changed my life for the better. My goal of the site was to advertise work I was doing as well as promote side projects my friends were working on. Here is a snapshot from the wayback machine, fortunately this is all that remains of that old site. circa 2004 circa 2004

Since then I believe I have done some great work for many great companies. I have learned invaluable lessons that helped to produce who I am today. My hopes is the latest version of Spottsfield and now are reflections of those lessons learned. has always been want I wanted but almost no one quite understood the name, let alone getting it in the domain right in their browsers. While the domain will stay, I now own the rights to and it will also take priority on the branding on the site.



WordPress or Bust

I also wanted to redo my portfolio site to move away from the Joomla CMS. Yes, I was one of those haters who thought WordPress was a blogging platfom and shouldn’t call itself a CMS. Joomla at the time was the answer to a content management system because it handled pages as well as custom components that augmented the funcationality of the site. Before WordPress 3.0, it was extremely difficult for me to extend the site to what I needed it for. I also could install a working Joomla site from registration to launch in little than 3 hours. I knew exactly what components and plugins and had clear cut installation instructions for getting a joomla site up and running. WordPress kept me scratching my head.

Enter WordPress 3.0. I had been attacked constantly with my Joomla 1.5 installations and it turns out I had a ton of them. After getting one of my clients websites defaced, I finally thought it was time to move to WordPress since moving from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 would be just as big of a chore. So I put my thinking cap on and started my trek.

I started with and moved to What blew my mind was when I learned how to create my own custom posttypes. This was leaps beyond Joomla since I was using a component to answer this problem. With custom posttypes I could create types natively, no extension needed.

So I am now a WordPress guy and I am not looking back, this is only the beginning…

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