To New Beginnings ...

Spottsfield v4

Today, I am launching the all new and a refresh of it’s logo. I have been working on this site since 2007. While normally I can get a full functional Joomla site ready in a matter of days, really wasn’t prioriy #1. It was placed on the back burner to concentrate on both my real job and other independent projects. Every free opportunity I had, I added something to the site in hopes that one day I would have an event worthy of a relaunch. I got the news in mid-September that I have been eagerly waiting on.

The Site

On October 13, 2009, my new documentary Chasing Daylight :: The Making of “Daylight Fades” premieres at the 2009 Indie Memphis Film Festival. I thought if there was any event to launch the new site, this would be it. Spottsfield we be the central hub to all my past and upcoming proejcts like Chasing Daylight. Also my hope to continuely update this blog with my recent news and provide tips and tricks for my favorite CMS, Joomla.

Most importantly though, Spottsfield’s new Joomla framework will allow this site to grow with my career. I will be able to add unique applications that paint the picture of me. So today launch is just the beginning of things to come.

Key New Features
  • Joomla 1.5
    While it’s been our for several years now, Joomla 1.5 raises the bar on what is possible for both Joomla and CMS’s.
  • K2 CCK from Joomlaworks
    K2 is the best blogging platform for Joomla I have ever worked with. The best part, the Joomlaworks team is commited to keep it updated and they continue to add new features.
  • Portfolio
    My new portfolio site will make it easy to continue to add projects as I complete them. While I loved the flash site, most of the websites listed on there are either dead or have been updated with another designer.
The Logo

Spottsfield has been the same since 2002. I need to refresh the branding and prepare a production slate the for documenary. So after several designs, I went back to sqaure one. I hope you like the new animation which you can see below.

Thanks again for visiting and hope you enjoy the new site.

~ Lou