Comm Boards

An iPad for Corporate Communication

The summer of 2010 saw the release of Apple’s iPad. This tablet device spurred many conversations at TagTeam and Mars.

“What if we could create a interactive touch screen were internal communications could share video, photos, and news?”

At the time most associates working in the various factories did not have access to a computer and this lack of access meant to a majority of communication was unseen. The Mars Communication Station (known internally as the Comm Board) was created to fill this need.

ConRip UI

Named after the clients, the design of the ConRip UI for the Comm Boards was inspired by iOS and the LCARS UI from Star Trek TNG.

I wanted to have the use easily navigation to their destination but not get lost along the way. The UI needed to support lists, stories, videos, PDFs, Image Galleries, and much more. Working directly with the client, I designed each layout and sent it to the flash developer to incorporate it into the final product.

Several hours were spent testing and polishing before launching the prototype in July of 2010 before the Executive Board of Mars. After the meeting, we were given the green light to install our first hardware in Nashville and complete the software before October of the same year. The version of the on installed in Nashville included over 10 hours of video, 40 slideshows, and over 100 PDfs.


After the installation in Nashville, several more were needing to be installed in locations across the country. After designing the printed pieces and working with the hardware, a standardization of the installation was created.

Each facility would get a standardized list of parts but thanks to the software, it would be tailored to the location. I worked with Dell and several other part distributors to make sure parts were received on time and software was installed and tested before installation. During installation I would check the accuracy of the field units and troubleshot if needed.

Since leaving the project, The Communication Station has been installed in over 30 facilities across the United States with more expected overseas.