Mars MediaHub

Innovation for Innovation’s Sake

Mars wanted a way to easily upload and share media files of all kinds. In 2007, the landscape for cloud file management services was small if not scarce. The list of features that Mars needed included the streaming previews of media files, file sharing, photo searching, and video ordering.

Custom tailored to Mars, the Mars Media Hub became the default file repository of Mars Corporate Communications.

Feature Packed Cloud Storage

Designed originally in 2006 as a Joomla component, the Mars Media Hub quickly became a beast. Designing directly with TagTeam’s resident developer, in 2008 we launched the 2.0 version of the hub. This would be a standalone web application that included new innovations such as the option to download different file types and create custom links that would expire or be password protected.

Simular innovations wouldn’t be seen in simular commercial web applications for several years.