Road To Winning

A Cross Country Interactive Museum

I really didn’t believe we could pull it off, In less than a month TagTeam would design and schedule an interactive road tour to share first hand the innovations of Masterfoods (now Mars Inc).

My job was to design all the elements of this tour, including brochures, trivia fact posters, an interactive kiosk, and a design for the 40 foot trailer itself.


The Trailer

Created from a reconditioned 90’s Trivial Pursuit promotional trailer, The Road To Winning trailer included several designed pieces as well as limited edition pieces of Mars history.

The Interactive Trivia Game tested associates on factoids found throughout the truck.

When complete, they could see if they could get the limited edition orange RTW M&M to win a tour shirt.

The Road

In 2006, I packed my bags and for 6 months traveled the country and visited several of the Mars factories.

There, our team showed Mars associates the future of their company. Shared new products including Carnival Skittles and line of ready to eat meals called Seven Paths.

The tour was so successful, it was extended another 6 months so more associates could see the upcoming innovations of Mars.